New Mix by Brodie Nero

Hey friends!

Thanks for your patience waiting on this new mix video. These crazy times we live in precluded me from getting this done sooner and even when I had the chance to do it, it was a challenge. Nevertheless, the passion, drive and desire overcame the adversity.

This is an exciting mix video because the first song is my first original production as a house producer! It’s called “Home aint here”. Those are my vocals on it too! Still deciding how I want to release these original productions. Will keep ya’ll updated.

Anyways, this mix consists of a lot of great new organic house and new tribal house music. I’ve got the new Sebastian Leger song “stevie” that went #1 on beatport, some new All Day I dream and other songs you’ve probably never heard before.

Click here to listen to it. Please subscribe to my youtube channel. I want to manifest 10K subscribers this year. Comments are appreciated too.

Stay well friends. Let’s make it a great summer!

Your friend,

Brodie Nero

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