New Organic House Mix


I’ve just released a brand new mix on soundcloud.

As usual, it consists of some fresh Organic House vibes infused with what I like to call Tribal house music. As much as I like to ‘dig in the (virtual) crates’ of the digital music world and find exclusives, I always keep a pulse on the Top 100 Organic House music charts on beatport. The content of this mix is a combination of things you’ve never heard, and new releases.

Click here to enjoy the new mix house music mix via soundcloud.

On a side note! My goal is to get on to the top 100 organic house charts on beatport with some of my own production. I just finished 2 new original songs this last week. On one I feature a vocal artist, and crazy enough, I put my own vocals on the other. Now the planning of the release begins. I have some opportunities to release through major house music labels, but I’m also considering my own independent approach. Will keep ya’ll posted.

Thank you so much for joining and supporting my journey. Believe it or not, you simply reading this helps my mission.

Stay Well,

Brodie Nero

PS. In case you missed the links above, you can listen to the new mix here.

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